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Collaborating via digital technology - Zoom

In April 2019, the Minister of Education issued a Digital Competency Framework designed to develop our digital skills. This framework is defined by a set of skills necessary to the confident, critical and creative use of digital technologies to achieve objectives with regard to learning. The framework comprises 12 dimensions of digital competency.


At the end of this training, you will have learned the most important features of Zoom, you will have learned how to use it, and you will understand the potential of this digital technology. You will also be able to schedule meetings, invite people to them, and save a recording of a session on your computer.

Asynchronous training: the training videos are available online for the duration of your access.
A Memory Aid is available at the training platform for downloading and printing.


2 hours 30 minutes

75.95$ CAD

Course content

Part 1 – General introduction

This general introduction, narrated by Nathalie R. Bernier, covers:

  • Learning to collaborate digitally with ease

  • Discovering that relations in the virtual world
    can be as rich and stimulating as in person.

  • Exploring some ways to contribute to group cohesion in the digital world.

wheel colaboration

Part 2 – Specific training

Training on using the Zoom technology ties in directly with this dimension.


Collaborate, share documents and hold video conferences with Zoom. This teamwork platform adds another dimension to your meetings.


Five training modules to prepare you for using the Zoom technology right away:

  • Module 1 – Install and configure Zoom

  • Module 2 – Organize a meeting

  • Module 3 – Getting started with Zoom

  • Module 4 – Share and save

  • Module 5 – Working together as a team

Module 1 : Install and configure Zoom

  • Introduction to Zoom

  • Install and configure Zoom

  • Open a Zoom account

  • Choose interface language

  • Add your profile picture

  • Configure your meeting room
    in the desktop application

  • Configure your meeting room in Zoom.us

  • Update Zoom

  • Install the Zoom plug-in for Outlook

Module 2 : Organize a meeting

  • Schedule a meeting using Outlook,
    the desktop application or on zoom.us

  • Send an invitation to join a scheduled

  • Start an instant meeting

  • Join a meeting by clicking a link,
    or clicking ‘‘Join” in the application,
    or entering a meeting ID and password

  • Use Personal Meeting ID (PMI)

  • Use a smartphone

Module 3 : Getting started with Zoom

  • Test your audio (microphone) and video (camera)

  • Introducing the Zoom meeting interface

  • Gallery view / Pin a speaker

  • Enable/disable the Waiting Room feature (security)

  • Allow/disallow participant actions

  • Mute the microphones of all participants

  • Enable and use a virtual background

  • Overview of keyboard shortcuts

Module 4 : Share and save

  • Share computer screen and/or audio

  • Share and annotate a whiteboard

  • Share from a mobile phone

  • Allow participants to share their screens

  • Record the session on the cloud
    or on the computer

  • Share the session recording
    with the participants

  • Move the menu bar

  • Request remote control of shared content

Module 5 : Working together as a team

  • Appoint a participant to co-host the meeting

  • Send files to participants

  • Chat in private or with everyone
    (icons and reactions)

  • Invite people to a meeting in progress

  • Split the meeting into breakout rooms

  • Create a poll (Pro version only)

  • Manage participants


Evaluation and certificate

A training certificate will be issued at your request after you complete the training and successfully complete the evaluation.

Target clientele

This training is for individuals, professionals, companies and anyone who wants to learn how to use the Zoom application.


Nathalie R. Bernier – For the introductory module

Michelle Lessard - For the Zoom training

Interactive training in the comfort of your home

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Cours complet : 3 months
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