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Digital environment
Numerical competence
Collaborating via digital technology - Zoom

In April 2019, the Minister of Education issued a Digital Competency Framework designed to develop our digital skills. This framework is defined by a set of skills necessary to the confident, critical and creative use of digital technologies to achieve objectives with regard to learning. The framework comprises 12 dimensions of digital competency.


At the end of this training, you will have learned the most important features of Zoom, you will have learned how to use it, and you will understand the potential of this digital technology. You will also be able to schedule meetings, invite people to them, and save a recording of a session on your computer.

Asynchronous training: the training videos are available online for the duration of your access.
A Memory Aid is available at the training platform for downloading and printing.



Live training

With headset and webcam
There are no credited courses available