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Project management

Project simulation (BS6W)

This course further develops the integration of project management tools and methods by covering the program's entire set of competencies to validate its integration.  It is strongly recommended to have already completed all of the competencies to succeed all of the suggested evaluations.

45 h

330.00$ CAD

Course content

3 teaching modules on the development of an integrated vision of project management,   comprised of videos, course notes, exercises and an evaluation.


Module 1 : Applying project management techniques in a real project

Module 2 : Applying the required skills to manage a project

Module 3 : Applying the required skills to manage a project team


You may also consult a preparatory module, prior to starting your training, as well as a final evaluation training module.

As well, the student will get acquainted with the following concepts in detail:

  • Participating in a project management simulation.


    You must be a PMI member to follow this training.

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    Throughout the modules, you will carry out formative assessment exercises and upon completion, you will be able to download the Project manager badge.


    Target Audience

    This program is geared toward any professional working in the following fields: the construction industry, IT, building engineering, civil engineering, product design and manufacturing and others.


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    Cours complet : 3 mois
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