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Project management

Project planning (BS6S)

This course further develops project planning in order to define and design a project's activities and project deliverables through the use of an event calendar, estimating resources, the effort required and duration of activities, designing a multiproject calendar and implementing strategies regarding the information and communication system.

It is strongly recommended to have already completed the BS6K and BS6R competencies to ensure a sound understanding of the concepts.

45 h

330.00$ CAD

Course content

4 teaching modules on project planning, comprised of videos, course notes, exercises and an evaluation.


Module 1: Define and schedule project activities

Module 2: Estimate resources and durations required for each task

Module 3: Develop a project schedule

Module 4: Adequately plan communications and the project information system


You may also consult a preparatory module, prior to starting your training, as well as a final evaluation training module.

As well, the student will get acquainted with the following concepts in detail:

  • Preparing a complete list of foreseen activities for the project;

  • Grouping project activities by category to facilitate work organization.

  • Logically organizing project activities;

  • Establishing a precise calendar for the project;

  • Rigourously planning the necessary human, material and financial resources for the project;

  • Equitably allocating project responsabilities;

  • Performing individual work through practical applications and exercises by using estimation techniques;

  • Taking judicious decisions regarding the use of resources

  • Establishing a clear project calendar;

  • Consolidating project activities by category to facilitate work organization;

  • Presenting delay and budget-related data;

  • Understand the project management and communication processes;

  • Organize project communication.


Throughout the modules, you will carry out formative assessment exercises and upon completion, you will be able to download the Resource management badge.


Target Audience

This program is geared toward any professional working in the following fields: the construction industry, IT, building engineering, civil engineering, product design and manufacturing and others.


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