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Project management

Project Management Concepts and Principles (BS6K)

The course "Project Management Concepts and Principles" is the first course of the Project Management Program. This course is linked to the BS6K – Developing an Integrated Vision of Project Management and establishes the bases and structure of the framework program.

This program is geared to any professional working in an organization, a department or project, who is desirous to perfect his knowledge of project management and working toward obtaining a PMP®/CAPM® certification.

Asynchronous course instruction with a tutor: the training modules are available online at all times and a teacher is available to answer your questions throughout the course of the training. He can be reached by email.

45 h

330.00$ CAD

Course content

4 teaching modules on the development of an integrated vision of project management, including videos, course notes, exercises and evaluations.


Module 1: Introduction to Project Management

Module 2: Project Management Knowledge Areas and Processes

Module 3: Integrated Project Management

Module 4: Project Management Roles and Responsibilities


You may also consult a preparatory module, prior to starting your training, as well as a final evaluation training module.

As well, the student will get acquainted with the following concepts in detail:

  • Identify the prospects and challenges of businesses in the 21st century and their relation to projects;

  • Characterize the project and its environment;

  • Recognize the different problem aspects posed by project management in organizations;

  • Distinguish between the different processes applied to project management;

  • Use the process and systems approach in a project;

  • Identify project management variables and their relationships;

  • Recognize the importance of project processes in performance management and continuous improvement;

  • Recognize all project stakeholders and identify their roles and responsibilities. 


Throughout the modules, you will carry out formative assessment exercises and upon completion, you will be able to download the Integration Management badge.


Target Audience

This program is geared toward any professional working in the following fields: the construction industry, IT, building engineering, civil engineering, product design and manufacturing and others.


Complete Program

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Cours complet : 3 mois
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