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Numerical competence

Problem solving – Solving diverse problems via digital technology

In April 2019, the Minister of Education issued a Digital Competency Framework designed to develop our digital skills. This framework is defined by a set of skills necessary to the confident, critical and creative use of digital technologies to achieve objectives with regard to learning. The framework comprises 12 dimensions of digital competency.

The “Solving problems via digital technology” dimension has two parts.


At the end of this training, you will be able to analyze a situation to produce a comprehensive, adequate description of a problem, then develop a satisfactory solution and implement that solution. You will be able to ask for or offer assistance for developing a collaborative solution, particularly in the context of digital communications. You will also be able to mobilize a variety of resources and solve a problem creatively. Lastly, you will be able to evaluate and adjust your approach as you go along.

Asynchronous training: the training videos are available online for the duration of your access. A Memory Aid is available at the training platform for downloading and printing.

2 hours 30 minutes

75.95$ CAD

Course content

Part 1 – General introduction

This training module, narrated by Nathalie R. Bernier, will help you:

  • To be aware that digital technology is becoming an extension of the human being, of human thought and hands, and increases the capacities of humans to innovate.

  • To discover tools to better visualize creative thinking and ideas; versatile and collaborative media, such as whiteboards and augmented and virtual reality.


weel probleme solving


Part 2 – Specific training

A module that explains the basic principles of harnessing digital technologies for problem solving.


Digital technologies offer many options that facilitate and simplify our daily work. The automation of routine or physically hazardous tasks frees us to improve our environment and imagine and create solutions for our problems.


Four training modules to prepare you for solving problems:

  • Module 1: Basic principles for solving problems

  • Module 2: Harnessing digital technologies for problem solving

  • Module 3: The collaborative space

  • Module 4: Implementing the solution

Module 1 : Some basic principles for solving problems

  • Analyzing the problem

  • Developing the solution

  • Implementing the solution

Module 2 : Harnessing digital technologies for problem solving

  • Consult with experts

  • Mapping

  • Concept mapping

  • SmartArt tools

  • Heuristic or mind maps

  • The Gemba Walk

Module 3 : The collaborative space

  • The cooperative and collaborative approaches

  • Collaborative problem-solving (with Teams or other platforms)

  • Document synchronization

  • Whiteboard

Module 4 : Implementing the solution

  • Tools for visualizing solution implementation

    • Kanban boards

    • Trello

  • Gantt charts

  • Integrated solutions and suites




A training certificate will be issued at your request after you complete the training and successfully complete the evaluation.


This training is for individuals, professionals, companies and anyone who wants to solve problems collaboratively and adopt an approach for problem solving that involves digital technologies.


Nathalie R. Bernier – For the introductory module and the specific training

Interactive training in the comfort of your home

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Cours complet : 3 months
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