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Numerical competence

Personal Development– LinkedIn

In April 2019, the Ministry of Education issued a framework as regards numerical competence geared towards the development of numerical competences. This framework is defined by a set of skills and competences pertaining to the confident, critical and creative use of digital technology to reach the spe­cific learning objectives. This framework is comprised of 12 dimensions.


At the end of this training, the participant will be able to differentiate LinkedIn from other social media sites and appreciate the job search and network expansion opportunities that it offers. He or she will also be able to target different strategies to optimize a profile or acquire visibility on this professional platform.

Asynchronous training: the training modules are available online at any time for the entire duration of your access.  A printable memory aid is also available on the platform.

2 hours

60.00$ CAD

Course content

Part 1 — General Capsule

This capsule, presented by Nathalie R. Bernier, proposes the following:

  • To acquire, maintain or develop competences for one’s current and future professional life with the help of digital technology;

  • To stay on top of the latest innovations in one’s current or future professional life by consulting professional and expert network sites in one’s field of work.


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Part 2 —Specific training

A capsule which explains How to acquire and develop
competences through the use of digital technology.


Whether it be the desire to move up within one’s company, taking up new challenges or increasing one's operational flexibility with digital technology, it is advantageous to update one’s knowledge and­ ease with these digital tools.


Four (4) training modules prepare the participant to use the media:

  • Module 1: How to differentiate LinkedIn from other social media sites

  • Module 2: Job search on LinkedIn

  • Module 3: Strategies to optimize one’s profile

  • Module 4: Strategies to increase one’s visibility on LinkedIn

Module 1 : Differentiating LinkedIn from other social media sites

  • Desired professional behaviour.

Module 2: Job search on LinkedIn

  • Anonymous or public market analysis;

  • Subscriptions;

  • Job search;

Module 3: Strategies to optimize
the quality of one’s profile

  • Image choices;

  • Including one’s experiences
    (professional, volunteering, etc.);

  • Comparing one’s profile with similar
    ones to be inspired and market oneself;

  • Word choices (SEO optimized content).

Module 4: Strategies to increase
one’s visibility on LinkedIn

  • Posting one’s availability on job offers;

  • Expanding one’s network;

  • Obtaining recommendations;

  • Using discussion groups and expert
    advice to display one’s field of interest
    and knowledge;

  • Making use of a professional «?post?» to share one's expertise.




At the request of the participant, a training certificate will be issued upon successful completion
of the training, following the evaluation.


The training is aimed towards individuals, industry professionals, companies as well as those
that which to activate digital strategies and tools to overcome obstacles.


Nathalie R. Bernier — For the introductory and specific capsule.

Interactive training in the comfort of your home

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Cours complet : 3 months
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