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Project management

Performance management (BS6T)

This course further develops project performance management. In addition to measuring performance during the course of a project, you will learn how to analyze gaps, produce status and performance reports, proceed to corrective and preventive measures, manage performance in the context of multiprojects as well as project closure.

It is strongly recommended to have already completed the BS6K, BS6R and BS6S competencies to ensure a sound understanding of the concepts.

45 h

330.00$ CAD

Course content

6 teaching modules on performance management, comprised of videos, course notes, exercises and an evaluation.


Module 1: Measure performance during the project

Module 2: Analyze the variance between planned and actual performance

Module 3: Produce project status and performance reports

Module 4: Take corrective and preventive actions

Module 5: Managing performance in a multi-project environment

Module 6: Close a project


You may also consult a preparatory module, prior to starting your training, as well as a final evaluation training module.

As well, the student will get acquainted with the following concepts in detail:

  • Measure the progress of the actual work completed;

  • Measure the performance of the project team;

  • Monitor project risks;

  • Analyze the progress of the project compared to the initial planning;

  • Analyze the variances compared to the initial planning;

  • Develop project status and performance reports;

  • Communicate effectively the results of the project performance;

  • Identify preventive and corrective measures;

  • Update the actual work completed and the status of the schedule and the resources;

  • Define performance indicators and multi-project dashboards;

  • Manage multiple tasks and buffers in a multi-project environment;

  • Demonstrate compliance of the project results with the client's expectations;

  • Complete a post-mortem of the project;

  • Draw lessons from the project.


Throughout the modules, you will carry out formative assessment exercises and upon completion, you will be able to download the Performance management badge.


Target Audience

This program is geared toward any professional working in the following fields: the construction industry, IT, building engineering, civil engineering, product design and manufacturing and others.


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