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Numerical competence

Inclusion and diverse needs – The Pomodoro Technique

In April 2019, the Minister of Education and Higher Education issued a Digital Competency Framework designed to develop our digital skills. This framework is defined by a set of skills necessary to the confi­dent, critical and creative use of digital technologies to achieve objectives with regard to learning.
The framework comprises 12 dimensions of digital competency.

After completing this training component, you will be able to mobilize digital strategies and tools
to overcome barriers, one such tool being the Pomodoro technique. You will be able to use a digital tool to improve your time and priority management and increase your concentration and performance.

Asynchronous training: the training videos are available online for the duration of your access.
A Memory Aid is available at the training platform for downloading and printing.

1 hour 30 minutes

45.95$ CAD

Course content

Part 1 – General presentation

This introduction, narrated by Nathalie R. Bernier,
will help you:

  • To understand that digital technologies offer a wide variety of resources and tools that can help most people overcome their limitations.

  • To discover features built into common software packages and public platforms that make work and consulting easier for people living with limitations.

weel inclusion

Part 2 - Specific training

A module that explains how to overcome one’s limitations
in using digital technologies in order to take full advantage of them.


Digital strategies and tools can be mobilized to meet diverse needs within a homogeneous group and to help its members overcome their limitations so they contribute to their full potential and enjoy a quality of life comparable to other members.


Three training modules to prepare you for using the software right away:

  • Module 1: Introduction to the Pomodoro Technique

  • Module 2: Managing your priorities

  • Module 3: Increasing your performance

Lesson 1 Introduction to the Pomodoro Technique

  • Three principles for improving productivity

  • The aim of the technique

  • The benefits of the technique

  • The 5 steps of the Pomodoro Technique

  • Additional paths to improvement

Lesson 2: Managing your priorities

  • How to use the technique

  • Dividing up complex goals
    and activities

  • Setting priorities

  • The priority matrix

  • Gradual integration

Lesson 3: Increasing your performance

  • Dividing up activities

  • The Pomodoro rules
    for performance

  • Pomodoro apps

  • To-do lists and progress reports




Evaluation and certification

A training certificate will be issued at your request after you complete the training and successfully complete the evaluation.

Target audience

This training is for individuals, professionals, companies and anyone who wants to mobilize digital strategies and tools to overcome their limitations.


Nathalie R. Bernier – For the introductory module and the specific training.

Interactive training in the comfort of your home

Durée de votre code d'accès a une formation interactive
Cours complet : 3 months
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